How to choose a hookah

1. Height. The most obvious criterion by which most people choose a hookah. Attention, the height of the hookah does not influence the smoking! It is not necessary to focus on it at all. The height is purely an aesthetic value, which means that a good low hookah and a good high hookah, all other things being equal, will be smoked the same. Another thing is that good hookahs rarely make very small hookahs, more often they are cheap Chinese items which are poorly smoked not only because of their small size but also because of low quality of all elements. It is believed that the high hookahs cool the smoke better, but to notice this difference without accurate devices is impossible. In addition, it is believed that high hookahs purify the smoke better, but studies have shown that at the walls of the shaft is deposited only about 10% of harmful substances (the main part is filtered by water), so the height of the shaft, again, will affect very little. As for the draught, it is the diameter

Russian Shisha Shop in Dubai

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Premium Russian Shisha Shop in Dubai

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